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This memoir of a school master is about his journey from abecedarian to doctoral ignorance. It is about his extraordinary mentors. It is about the life learnings that have made him understand the need for balance and the necessity of imbalance to lead a meaningful life. Perhaps, journeys are designed. Perhaps, freewill is needed to reach destined destinations. Life is not fortuitous, nor a planned chain of events. We try to live life to the best of our abilities. We try to fill it with beautiful hours.

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Engineering Vision Technology Revolution & Optimism

Using technologies, it seems, it is possible to do anything and produce anything. The centre of gravity of the engineering profession is shifting. Engineers are expected to understand global issues and the nuances of working in a culturally diverse space. They are expected to appreciate, more than before, the human dimensions of emerging technologies. There are many questions, such as - Are there enough challenging jobs in the manufacturing industry to attract good engineers? Is it right to allow the creation of future elites who have augmented themselves with artificial intelligence and genetic engineering, without inventing a way to manage their superhuman abilities? Can technology improve work-life balance? Is society ready to accept the exponential development challenges? These, and many such issues are the concerns of science, engineering, technology, and society. This book is an attempt to deliberate upon these issues for the welfare of humankind.

No Personal Questions Please!

Why We Want to Know Everything


What Sized World Fits Our Head


What Makes us Purchasable


Are We Born Corrupt


Why We Must Rewild Ourselves a Bit


Can a Humane Organization Retain Why Some Minds are More Beautiful


Its Humanity


How Junk is Different from Garbage


Is Age the Only Criterion to Remain Young


Can Man and Woman Be Just Friends


Can Society Afford the Death of Embarrassment

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Looking Into The Mirror
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School Of Upna Life

The book commemorates 50th year of author's graduation in Engineering.  In this collection of essays, author traces the trails of footprints from the edge of today to the precinct of yesterday. The essays are about author's journey in the academic and professional world of engineering, as Professor, Researcher and S&T administrator.  It is about a school where knowledge is not a burden, where no problem is trivial, learning is not dictation, incoherence is heard, where dreams become realities, and mirrors turn into windows. It is about happiness. It is about an Antifragile Renaissance City. It is about a Renaissance Man.

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