What happens

What happens when a 70-year old works side-by-side a 25-year old?

Age-diverse workforce has several advantages. Older employees make decisions based on experience. Younger employees employ academic learning. Blending the two provides cross-generational benefits. For the old it can be a revitalizing second innings. As one 70-year old writes, “I had gotten off the train but it kept moving and my friends and family were still on it." He needed to feel engaged and relevant. He wanted to learn more and contribute more. He started working with the young.

The culture of respect for each generation is a great idea. Millennials reinforcing the millennial perspective leads to narrow bubble of thought and a bias for always favouring the next new thing often fail.

Reciprocal mentoring helps. In spite of age difference, one can be more than a colleague. One can be a friend of a younger colleague.