Loving fathers have confident children

Fathers play an important role in their daughter’s life. A daughter thinks, and rightly so, that her father loves her the most. When she grows up she becomes little apprehensive of the fact that she may not get the same attention as she used to get when she was a child. Some fathers find it difficult to relate to their adult daughter in the same manner as they related when she was a little girl.

Personally this is not a case with me. My daughter is as free and relaxed in my presence now, as she was before. I remember my daughter’s last day in her school after class XII. I was invited to give a talk on this occasion. That day I realised that my daughter is becoming a big girl. It was difficult for me to accept that she no longer is my little girl.

It is believed that daughters become rebel due to their fathers. Fathers teach their daughters what to expect of men in relationship. I must admit that I have never tried to coach my daughter about anything, as I believe she can herself find out what is good for her. Generally if we listen to our children they trust us more.

For most sons fathers are role models. Many sons do not harbour high opinion about their fathers.

Some fathers want their sons to grow as they are, but ‘like father like son’ principle doesn’t interest all sons to the same extent. I have seen many fathers who want to take all their son’s decisions. They think there can’t be anything personal, as far as their sons decisions are concerned. Some fathers have rigid preconceived notions about their sons’ future. Many sons don’t like this rigidity. Many fathers are so busy that they have no time for their sons, and that takes them far away from their sons.

Father-son relationship is a tricky business. Communication is sometimes difficult between a father and a son. But there are ways to resolve this problem. If one likes a particular film or music he may pass on the information to his son, and vice-versa. When a father writes, or reads a good book he may discuss it with his son. These small things bind people and bring them closer. A father should know where to draw the line, when to play an active role in his child’s life, and when to be a mere observer. Some children feel their parents don’t understand the requirements of the time. They forget that parents are also a part of the present.

A father can be his child’s best friend, as a mother is. Sometimes there is a feeling of insecurity at both ends; that if I accept him as a friend he is likely to take advantage. But a real friend never takes advantage of a weak situation.