Creative destruction paves the way for a new beginning

A good organisation behaves like a healthy living organism. A good organisation needs inputs and feedback to give outputs. It responds to external stimuli. It maintains internal stability, in spite of continuous exchange with the environment. Like an organism, an organisation can get sick and die, if it can't cope with internal imbalances, and/or external pressures. I have learnt that competition is a natural phenomenon and is essential for survival. An organisation which is not under the threat of competition has little chance to evolve.

An organisation, like an organism, is selfish as it allows long term changes to occur only if there is reproductive advantage. I have learnt that if something has outlived its utility, it should be allowed to discontinue. A healthy organization must know how much it can ‘metabolise’.

Biology says, "Were it not for death, we would not even be born." An organization must understand that its right to exist is not perpetual. To grow, it must have a ‘will’ to grow. An organization must understand that its growth will eventually stop, if it continues to have confused and impaired vision. An organization must know that its process of death will begin once its sense of the self begins to become meaningless.