Vital Engagement

When I started working I did not know where my 'manzil' was. After working for four decades I don’t know where my ‘manzil’ is. But I know that each day has been a new day for me and every experience a new experience. I faced so many new environments. I tried to create complimentary environments that are required to achieve ‘vital engagement’.

Vital engagement is possible in an organisation that has conscience as well as spirit. I have tried to change the environment where I worked. I got cooperation from all the quarters to bring the change. I never used a stick to solicit cooperation. Thanks to my Bosses, my colleagues, and my students, I have learnt how to agree, how to disagree, how to differ, and also how to express emotions, feelings, knowledge and attitude. I have learnt “how can I do less of what I don't do quite well in order to maintain and improve the quality of what I know I can do better.” I have learnt to work in the atmosphere of plenty as well as with minimal resources. I have tried to understand the difference between 'actual' and 'organisationally required' emotions. I have learnt when to say ‘yes’ and when ‘no’. I have tried, though not consciously, not to change myself at the personal level. I have tried to respect the organizational cultures of the places where I worked. I have learnt that the culture of one organization can’t be transferred to another organization. I have understood that it is utopian thinking to build an organization with only ‘exceptional’ resources. I have learnt to utilize 'mediocre resources' optimally.