Images and imaginations

An honourable human relationship is a process; a process of refining the truths.

The art of loving is a difficult art. ‘Falling in love’ is easy, difficult is ‘standing in love’. One is temporary state of being, the other is permanent state of being.

Imagination is not a mere commodity of the creative industry. “The imagination is an essential tool of the mind, a fundamental way of thinking, an indispensable means of becoming and remaining human,” writes Ursula LeGuin. Children have imagination to start with. Young human beings need exercises in imagination as they need exercise in all the basic skills of life, bodily and mental. This need continues as long as the mind is alive.” A child who doesn’t know where home is, what home is has not seen childhood. Home is not a place, says LeGuin. Home is imaginary.

We seem normal only to those who don’t know us very well. We rarely delve into our complexities. When our flaws come into open we become defensive and look for a scapegoat.

Often we are lonely. We don’t know whom to turn to. We look for solace. We like to turn into someone who we think would agree with us on all issues. The right person in the moments of desolation is the one who helps us to negotiate differences intelligently.