Are we going to have another Darwin or Einstein

We will not have another Darwin or Einstein, some say, but they also say that the world will always need a few ‘paradigm-shatterers’, as there are still many unresolved fundamental questions. For the emergence of a genius, some say, the world must fall into some kind of a crisis. The good thing is that our world always in the midst some kind of crises, and so we should not lose hope. From time to time geniuses would emerge.

‘Raw genius’ is generally a necessary but not a sufficient condition to make someone creative. Dean Simonton thinks creative geniuses, like Darwin, might not have scored high on a conventional IQ test. There is nothing like a ‘full-blown moment of inspiration’ waiting for us. The ‘moment of inspiration’ often comes through freewheeling unstructured discussions.

“Research and anecdotal evidence suggest that distant analogies lead to new ideas.” Though we don’t want to be overwhelmed by irrelevant information, we like to understand things by entering into other’s minds. Oliver Sacks writes, “Memory is dialogic and arises not only from direct experience but from the intercourse of many minds.”