In the moments of silence

Often I feel I have so much to say, and I have so little time left with me. Often I feel reluctant to talk with anyone. My communications are often one-sided. Often silence is better instrument for the exchange of feelings. During silence, we may not speak, but we may understand each other better. In the moments of silence, we feel elated, frustrated, distracted and overwhelmed.

Paul Goodman has described various kinds of silences. ‘Dumb silence’ is representative of slumber and apathy. There is ‘sober silence’. The ‘fertile silence’ heralds the emergence of new thoughts. Then there is ‘alive silence’ of alert perception. The ‘musical silence’ accompanies absorbed activity. The ‘silence of listening’ allows another person to speak. The ‘noisy silence’ represents resentment and self-recrimination. The ‘baffled silence’ doesn’t know what to do. The ‘silence of peaceful accord’ brings communion with the cosmos.