Should we follow, or chart our own course?

Each person’s compass is oriented in a particular way and that leads him to the choices he makes.

Let us say, I want to go to a particular place. I tell the taxi driver where I want to go and he takes me there. There is another way to reach the destination. Instead of telling where I want to go, I direct the taxi driver - go straight, take right turn, then take left, and so on. Even if the driver knows a better way to reach the place, I don’t allow him to do so, because I don’t trust him. I doubt driver’s ability and reliability.

We prefer straight and direct solutions to solve our problems but we also know that straight-line solutions are not always possible. How much one can deviate from the straight line is a personal choice.

We know drawing is different from tracing. When we draw, we encounter discontinuities. These discontinuities disappear when we trace. But many of us like to live with a few discontinuities. These form our driving force to move forward on our own terms.