Mediocrity never excels but a mediocre can

I am recalling here the dilemma I faced many years ago. I was part of a selection committee to appoint teaching faculty of a well-known engineering college. Before the meeting started, in the briefing session, the director of the institute gave us a bit of his mind - 'I want only the best to fill the entry-level positions'. His logic was that a rotten fish spoils the whole pond. His logic was quite sound. But my dilemma was - how can I select the best when I am not the best? A parallel thought also occurred. If someone thinks that I can do the job, then I should do it with all the sincerity in my command. That is, perhaps, one way of overcoming the sense of mediocrity. My take home message: A mediocre tale may not appeal but the tales of a mediocre can be inspiring.