An insignificant dot

I am a small and insignificant dot

In the world where I exist

My story consists of many dots

Often I want to become somebody

Often end up being nobody

Often I am filled with quietness, often entangled in chaos

Often I am part of a straight line, often define a full circle

Often I am soluble, often insoluble

I am prisoner of love, freedom, hate

Often I don’t find enough courage to act right

I enjoy the sunshine to my deep-set delight

And I don’t like the clouds to come in-between

Often I am assigned to play a role

Often play the role, as is destined

I am dependent on so many and part of so many

Can I then be objective

Who am I then

Do I have the right to call me ‘I’

Why an ‘I’ wants to become a ‘Me’

Why a subject wants to be an object

Is it because I want to get connected

So that I can place myself in other places

Am I a cognitive object; known only on reflection

Is not ‘I’ insignificant when considered in isolation

If there is no ‘I’, can there be a meaning in ‘Me’

Aren’t ‘I’ and ‘Me’ different phases of the one self

As water is; it exists as liquid, solid and gas

Depending upon the conditions it is in

‘I’ am an individual; ‘Me’ is a collective

‘I’ gives the sense of freedom

And is a source of spontaneity and creativity

It is not ego

When freedom is shackled by imprisonment

It becomes ego

When metaphysical joins hands with material

When knowable becomes known

When dynamic follows static

When ‘Me’ replaces ‘I’

The fiction becomes real