A rising sun

Pleasant are the thoughts that I am a grandfather

I think that my grandson can see my emotions, my fears, my anxieties

The other day I saw a young boy, must be around seventeen

Looking for a book, at a bookshop

Only the hardcover was available

And the boy won’t buy it

He would wait for the paperback

The boy seemed adaptable

Only adaptable survive in the harsh winds of time

I did not know what the book was all about

But I wanted to buy it for the boy

I saw in the boy, glimpses of my grandson

I imagined, many years from now

My grandson will take me to a bookshop, holding my hand

Sonar Kella, the film we have seen umpteen times

I wished my grandson to enjoy as dearly

As his Thamma, Baba, and Pishi did

I imagined watching Postmaster with him

I felt as if he was telling me

Dadu you look like Postmaster Kaku

My mind goes back to the day my grandson was born

That day a future dawned

It heralded in me a colourful promise

And I felt the warmth of a Rising Sun