Horse ride is not camel safari

Camels are collectivists

They don’t like to move out of the herd

Quieter, gentler, attention seeking, and emotional

They take mistreatment personally

They are mean, when abused

Situations rarely cause concern

They come out quietly, of uncertain situations

They are for the deserts

Horses are individualists

Nervous, distrustful, panicky

Always in a hurry

When tangled, struggle violently to come out

Hate scarcity, need regular refuelling

But are for steep and rocky trail

A camel can’t work like a horse

This is not to suggest

All ‘horses’ are ‘individualists’

And all ‘camels’ are ‘collectivists’

Many horses are collectivists, as we know

They rarely belong to themselves

Collectivism is boring for some camels

In a herd, they have no time for philosophic enquiry