An artist’s dream

Many dreams are killed

Many remain still born

Some dreams do not remain dreams

They see the light of the day

I know of a little angel

She dreamt to be an artist

No one encouraged her

Not even her close ones

She thought, she is not fit to be an artist

She then thought, it is she who only knows

If she is fit to become an artist

One day she found the way in her drawing class

The teacher asked all the children

To draw whatever they want to draw

Sitting in one corner

Our little angel began to draw

So engagingly she was drawing

That the teacher had to ask

What are you drawing

Angel, as she was, said, God

What did you say, asked the teacher


The amused teacher said

Have you seen God

How He looks like

The little girl, confidence personified, said

You will have to wait for some more time

Let me finish my drawing

You can see how my God looks like

That day a teacher learnt

It is passion, it is confidence

That makes a drawing

An artist’s dream