An expert is expert in making mistakes

In his narrow field of expertise

An expert knows all the answers

Provided you ask the right questions

Experts don’t care to listen when the presenter present

Their amazing enthusiasm is evident at the question hour

Some experts look good in vases, as decoration pieces

Available in plenty, their eligibility increases with age

They believe wisdom comes only with age

Retired radicals are the best ‘fillers’

More flexible an expert is, more sought after he is

Planted to achieve mandated objectives

Experts love using riders while accepting proposals

I have learnt a few lessons, as an expert

If you see a snake, just kill it, rather than appointing a committee on snakes

Dress up your expertise in beautiful language and jargon

And wear expensive suits

Someone said, if Columbus had an expert committee

He would probably still be at the dock

An editor is a long term expert

Their primary job is to kill the initiatives of aspiring writers