We resort to some sort of dishonesty

We are after all, not that dishonest

We try to balance our personal gains

With our willingness to be good persons

Honest are not necessarily intelligent, and vice-versa

Often we act dishonestly without any intentions

We fall in love with our own theories so much that

We don’t see the fine line between honesty and dishonesty

We start believing that we only have the right to be right

Honesty requires more than truthfulness

We can mislead, without telling a lie

Keeping quiet when one should, is a form of dishonesty

Honesty is not always the best policy

Because it often truth hurts

Emotions set us on a course of biased thinking

More than the facts, existing beliefs skew our thoughts

We refute views and arguments that we find uncongenial

We retrieve thoughts that are consistent with our beliefs

We like others to change their minds

But we love to be as we are

Ambition and vanity sometimes completely outweigh

Ethics and a sense of fairness

Our irrationality often is the causes of dishonesty

Let anger not spoil your morning

Some get angrier than the situation demands

Don’t let your neurological brake to fail

Don’t develop a loser mentality, you are not a fly

Don’t glorify anger, even if it is Bacchan variety