I am here far too long, let me go

Don’t force me to obey orders

Let me do what I want to

Let me eat what I want to

Let me not go where I don’t want to go

I can’t see, I can’t hear, I can’t walk

I have begun to forget what life was all about

I want freedom from the clutches of living

Yes I know, I sleep more than I should, why remind me

I don’t want to die of the guilt of inadequacy

I want to go the natural way

Help me to relieve you of my love

I see the pyre lit, the smokes coming out

I have been a follower, but now no more

I don’t want to follow, nor do I want to lead

I simply want to walk alone

A nest is made near the moon

Someone is waiting for me

Let me fade into the oblivion, like a cloud

Let me bring rain, and also sunshine into your life