Our scholarship

Our scholarship during our PhD days was Rs 400/- per month. Our tuition fee, hostel and mess charges used to come around Rs 200/- (including extra messing, aloo paratha and omellette). With the remaining 200 we used to live like Kings. When I used to go home, I used to give my mother some money, very small sum. I can still recall the anand reflecting her whole-self. The account I opened 46 years ago at my institute’s bank is still functional. I don’t want to close my account with my alma mater. I want to stand in a long queue. I want to withdraw Rs 50/- from my bank account. I want to feel rich keeping the money in my pant pocket; I did not have the habit of keeping a purse. I want to go with my 6 friends to one of our favourite places, the Indian Coffee House at Cannaught Place, always filled with too many people but always kept a place for us.