An academic

Filled with the urge to know and understand

A friend of mine desired to see beyond the self

Fate brought him closer to the people

A blue-eyed academic became the darling of the people

In no time, but not for long

In the melee of populist measures

My friend lost his voice

His theories remained theories

Bound in plans, meant for a faraway future

One day, an uneasy realization gripped him

Filled with the discontent of failure

My friend decided to return to the world he once belonged

No longer was he a part of the world

He once belonged felt the academic world

How can one loose his shine so soon, my friend wondered and suffered

And quietly one day, he went away, no one knows where

How the world immersed in myriad things can remember

A forlorn and faded academic

Wise are not academic, and academic are not wise

A wise said aeons ago

Times have changed, don’t be sad, my friend

Come back

A wise always remains a wise

Academic or otherwise