Meeting an imaginary friend

It happened in the middle of the night.

I found myself with the creator of time and space.

I can't recall how he looked like.

His presence made me forget about time and space.

After a few pleasantries, I asked my friend, why people have faith in Him.

Is it due to fear or love?

My friend's reply was precise and to the point.

“If you insist, I would say, people love me, because they have faith in me.

Who likes to believe that someone loves one out of fear?

Why should one be afraid of me?

I am your light. I show you the path.

If you love me out of fear, or in the hope of favour, then you don't love me.

Many believe I possess extraordinary powers.

I am powerful enough to check the evils of society.

Curbing the evils of society is not my job.

One has to find solutions to his problems.”

I asked god, why he created the bad along with the good.

“Why do you blame me for every sin of yours?

Sensible don’t create problems for others.

Do you think I am that insensitive?

Learn to blame yourself for your sins.

You are intelligent, and I know, you know how to use it.”

Some of us want to be like you.

“Yes, many want to be like me, if that is possible.

Creation is limited by creator's ability.

A perfect engine is easy to hypothesize.

Not easy is to make a 100% efficient engine.”

The meaning of 'ideal' in your lexicon, and in our dictionary is different.

'Ideal' in your lexicon means perfect.

Meaning of ‘ideal’ in our dictionary contains some 'non-ideal' constituents.

“I am happy that you understand the necessity of different shades in a real world.

You have a questioning mind and you have created many wonderful things.”

Some say, we are designed by you, and not by natural selection.

“It is your prerogative to believe what you want to believe.

If you think natural selection and design are two different things, it is your problem.

Who am I to advice you?”

Who created you?

“Haven't you understood the basic philosophy of my existence?

Infinite can't be caught in words and thoughts.

I am invisible, I am omnipresent. I am your faith.

More you will want to know me, lesser known I will become.”

Let me deny, for a moment, that you exist.

“Harder you will like to get rid of me, more I will be with you.

Some are so eager to prove that I exist.

Some are not sure of my existence.

Some have blind faith in me.

Let you be assured, you need me.

My absence is not good for you.”

There are many who question your power and moral perfection.

“I am not a referee, and my job is not to punish or reward anybody.

I am limited; accept me, if you have faith in me.

Faith doesn't need any reason.

Faith does not need suspension of reason too.

Some think, I am just an idea of the mind.

Some say, I am the only reality.”

Before meeting, I had some vague notions about you.

Now things are clearer. I have seen you.

“Have you really seen me?

If you have the capacity to see me, you have seen me,

Irrespective of whether I exist or not.

If 'eyes' can't see, does it mean, things don't exist?”

I have understood, if I want to understand you

I must have the capacity to understand you.

There will be colours, even if there are no eyes.

I shall always cherish these beautiful moments, even if they don’t exist.

“No one has seen me.

Some claim to have known me.

Some want to measure me.

All like to use me.

I am like a thought experiment;

An experiment that can be thought of, but can't be performed.

Imagine, a cat encased in a box.

To know if the cat is dead or alive, you have to simply open the box.

The paradox is, the life of the cat depends upon 'something' inside the box.

And, if the box is opened, that 'something' will lose its capacity to keep the cat alive.

I am like a cat, enclosed in a black box.

I can't be appraised. Faith keeps me alive.

You are safe, if I am safe.

Better for you, if I remain unknown.

I am your imaginary friend.”

Fair enough, I hope to meet you soon.

“God willing, we shall meet soon.”