The Nine Truths

Many years ago, an elderly gentleman gave me a simple advice. He said, always remember that you are occupying an important and responsible chair. Your decisions are important, not only for you, but also for many others. He said, every day pray to your chair to give you strength and balance so that you don't misuse the power your chair has bestowed upon you. This for me is the ethics of the chair.

In the past four decades, the nine truths that have guided me to maintain the ethics of my chair are: (1) Intention and outcome are not always the same, though we wish them to be, (2) Life is not merely following the rigid rules, (3) Half-truths are more dangerous than complete falsehoods, (4) 'Higher Laws' can't be explained through worldly laws, (5) 'Small is beautiful' is as relevant as 'Bigger the better', (6) To become world-class one must have the desire to become world-class, (7) Connect science with money but don't always approach science with the soul of a money lender, (8) Intellect is essential part of any make-up, and (9) Respect the chair you are occupying.