Summary of my books

Knowing the Known

The book is a collection of essays on disparate topics ranging from exposition of author’s emotions, attachments and self-assessment, depth and intricacies of human relations and mind-sets, getting old and dying. The author has covered a variety of subjects in the book. This has imparted a fleeting mobility and a wide visage to the contents of the individual essays. Each essay is loaded with so much subtlety and clues to thinking that a thesis can be built up on them.

Ethics of the chair

The nine truths that have guided me to maintain the ethics of my chair are: (1) Intention and outcome are not always the same, though we wish them to be, (2) Life is not merely following the rigid rules, (3) Half-truths are more dangerous than complete falsehoods, (4) 'Higher Laws' can't be explained through worldly laws, (5) 'Small is beautiful' is as relevant as 'Bigger the better', (6) To become world-class one must have the desire to become world-class, (7) Connect science with money, but don't always approach science with the soul of a money lender, (8) Intellect is essential part of any make-up, and (9) Respect the chair you are occupying.

The rising sun

In this collection of short stories the author presents kaleidoscopic imprints of ordinary people’s lives. It is about a father who wants to redeem what he lost when he was his son’s age; a drifter’s search for home; a man’s wandering around a mirage; a school teacher’s desire to open a school where knowledge is not burden. It is about family budget that struggles to meet the demands of ‘want’ and ‘need’. It is about a book lover and a book seller who never understood the difference between book reading and selling. It is about searching something that is found within. It is about a man who simply trusted, never argued nor defended nor complained. It is about a grandson’s eagerness to connect with his grandparents.

Neural suitcase tells the tales of many minds

The most interesting interdisciplinary conversations and the best idea sessions are held inside our mind. Mind, our neural suitcase, tells the tales of so many minds. The tales are beautiful, moral, vulnerable, quiet, chaotic, hungry, obese, real, fictional, memorable, forgetful, creative, curious, humorous, trustworthy, biased, wise, foolish, friendly, hateful, meaningful, and blind. Our mind asks many interesting questions. Mind also builds castles in the air. It is for us to put foundations under these castles. It is for us to pack our neural suitcase sensibly as our mind determines the size of our world.

Looking into the mirror

In the decades that have gone by, I have come across many people. Some have left a mark on me. In this collection I have tried to reflect some such persons and occasions. I have tried to interpret some of my experiences about the intricacies of human nature and the mind-set. There is dissection of my convictions and beliefs. I have tried to touch various contours of life with the soft fondness of a beautiful past and an imagined future. The book is about rediscovering the discovered.