It is impossible to love something or someone that is not beautiful in some way. A woman would not look at herself if she does not find something attractive in her. She knows what that something is. Intellect is an essential part of a beautiful woman. Abraham Maslow has described the situation thus. A husband's conviction that his wife is beautiful, or a wife's belief that her husband is courageous, to some extent, 'creates' that beauty or courage. This is not so much about a perception of something that already exists, but about bringing something into existence by sheer belief.

Must a woman be beautiful to be loved?" Time magazine posed this question to its readers eight decades ago. Some interesting observations: In a girl of 16: 80% beauty; 20% mental coquetry; in a woman of 30: 50% beauty; 15% mental coquetry; 15% intelligence; 10% physical coquetry; 10% generosity; in a female of 50: 40% generosity; 40% intelligence; 10% beauty; 10% physical coquetry; complete absence of mental coquetry. The survey suggested charm varies according to age. As women grow older, other charms evolve and outweigh beauty. The perception of beauty has not changed in eight decades. Beautiful people need make-up; only the make-up changes as one grows.