We are here to smell roses and hear silence

We are on a journey, on the other side of the ocean.

On our way to the moon, we met only love, love, and love;

Felt fortunate to get in plenty, the special care the special age needs.

Crossing over so many oceans and time zones,

It was time to come to a land of eyes, ears and vision.

Finally, we met our dear ones, in a country of several time zones.

There was so much warmth in their embrace.

There were tears too, filled with indescribable emotions;

The emotions that need no explanation.

Said the tears, smell the roses; you are here, only to smell the roses.

And we surrendered ourselves, to the ocean of love.

The jet lag did not bother us, nor waking up early in the morning.

There were drizzles outside. There was silence.

And we enjoyed the silence, the silence inside our ears.

We watched the raindrops, falling on a lush green turf, silently.

Silence reminded us we are here to smell roses and hear silence.

Silence, often is filled with love and gratitude.