The School of Life

The most interesting conversations and the best idea sessions are held inside our mind. Our mind tells the tales of many minds. The tales are beautiful, forgetful, trustworthy, biased, wise, foolish, friendly, hateful, meaningful, and blind. Mind builds castles in the air and asks many interesting questions. It is we who put foundations under these castles. It is we who pack our mind. It is our mind that determines the size of our world. Mind enables us to think. Since we can think we can make sense of things around us. Because we can think we can generate our own ideas and can also make sense of others’ ideas. We can take decisions. We can imagine. We can recognize the patterns and understand their significance. Since we have a mind we can imagine. Imagination evokes novel situations and projects possible future. It is the ‘mind’s eye’ that sees and generates images and ideas.

The broad objective of the school of life is to broaden perspective about everyday life. The objective of the school is to steer the mind to individual’s learning track at their level and rate. The school recognises that one is endowed with different levels of determination and resources and everything is not for everyone. The school proposes to make outside the class room learning more relevant to lead a satisfying life. It reflects on the significance of morality to lead a good life.

The School of life intends to disseminate knowledge, to lead a more fulfilled life through talks, workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions. It intends to produce videos, articles and books to meet the above objectives. Counselling and amalgamation of scientific and artistic approach to provide a view point about life problems and teach people to not just cope with uncertainties, but to embrace them and thrive in such environment. Our programs will extend across individuals, small groups, colleges, schools, corporate, government, children, adults and old age tailor made and sometimes designed for a more heterogeneous audience. These lessons will be mutual learning experience for audience and speakers and attempt to widen the viewpoint and perspective of the people involved, enhance their decision making skills, and most importantly learn to appreciate diversity of ideas and views in their own individual context.

The School of Life will help us untangle the web of intricacy of living. It will help us to clear our clouded mind, and to rediscover its lost pristine niche. The school doesn’t intend to follow a prescribed syllabus, nor is its intention to offer certificates. It intends to follow an unstructured track of divergent thoughts. For the school of life, knowledge is not a burden, no problem is trivial, there is no question that can’t be asked, learning is not dictation, and incoherence is heard. In this school one can root out his insecurities and self-doubts. In this school a mirror can turn into a window. The school believes that dreams can become reality. The school works on the principles of extended mind; mind expands when it interacts with other minds, not necessarily similar minds. An open-mind possesses unlimited space for exploration.