The waterfall moments

One of my friends posted in the Facebook:

Mind of the young has arrogance

Different from the insolence

Of the rich, the powerful and the clever

It is born not of accumulations, but of potentialities

Mind of the young has special energy

The energy of its thirst for the experiences

That makes him old

In a while it freezes in the confusions

Of individuality, competition and comparisons

The triple promises blazed in the neon lights of our being.

I liked the post, and wrote on his wall, quoting Russell:

An individual human existence should be like a river

Small at first, narrowly contained within its banks

And rushing passionately past rocks and over waterfalls

Gradually the river grows wider, the banks recede

The waters flow more quietly

And in the end, without any visible break, they become merged in the sea

And painlessly lose their individual being.

My friend thus responded

The river merges with the sea

Which evaporates to become black clouds

With heavy udders condensing into salt less water

That nourishes the life on this insignificant earth

At the fringes of a minor galaxy among the trillions floating in a fathomless world

A proud life which crumbles to dust to make way for the new life

Sprouting from dust, water and sun

What an exhilarating mystery

What a cosmic celebration

And in the eons of the universes upon universes

Greater than all the grains of sands, the saga is not even a blink

The individual was NEVER important.

I wrote back:

In everyone's life there comes a time, like a waterfall

Tagore writes thus:

One morning I stood on the veranda and looked

The sun was rising from behind the leaves

As I stood there and looked, suddenly, in a moment

The curtain fell from my eyes

I looked, and saw the world and this earth enveloped in an astonishing glory

Everything swaying in joy and beauty

My entire inner self was scattered in the light of the universe

On that day, Awakening of the waterfall seemed to flow out of me

Like a waterfall

That very day the poem, The Awakening of the Waterfall

Gushed forth and coursed on like a veritable cascade

The poem came to an end

But the curtain did not fall upon the joy aspect of the Universe

And it came to be so that

No person or thing in the world seemed to me trivial or unpleasing

A thing that happened the next day or the day following seemed specially astonishing

It was the beginning of a continual stream of poems

It was his waterfront moment

Waterfront moments are important for all

These are individual moments

In it are wrapped the individual

Unless seized, there are no individual moments

Don’t let go the waterfall moments

There is no splash unless there are individual spikes.