When doing nothing was a way of life

During the time I was at the Morrisville

I led a life that led me to nothing

I did nothing except eating, watching, observing, listening

Did I do nothing, or, what I did was worth doing nothing

I wasn’t trying to arrive at something, for sure

Is that the reason, I thought, I was doing nothing

Why do something, when doing nothing is so relaxing

I did what I wanted to do

I saw VIBGYOR in the sky that led me to believe

That every truth has its own colour

Then all truths merge into one truth

And that truth is one’s own truth

‘Nothing’ is a truth

It is an amalgamation of many truths

There is nothing that is nothing

When a wise man says nothing, he says many things

When a teacher awakens curiosity, he is teaching

Beauty is beauty, if it needs no explanation

Dress is no dress, if it can’t hide, or reveal

There is nothing that has no purpose

A reader asks a bookseller, where is the self-help book section

The bookseller replies, if I tell you it won’t serve the purpose

During the seven weeks, I was with my daughter

Thanks to her, I got a chance to step into me, with no purpose

When I stepped out, I found the purpose

Perhaps, serenity of nothingness happens

When everything drowns in nothing