The Jewels

The Renaissance man!

Amidst unrelenting darkness

Emerged a leading light

To awaken and galvanize the masses

The benefactor of mankind and a crusader

The man who carried India from her archaic past

To her enlightened future

Man of India’s destiny


The Acharya!

A physicist with a biologist’s mind

Believed in the fundamental unity of all life forms

But was conscious that all life forms

Don’t possess the same level of consciousness


The Nobel !

Poetry for him was a picture of mind and soul

One found in his poetry the deepest truths of life

Watching the sunrise he found the veil suddenly lifted

Everything became luminous

And gushed out Awakening of the Waterfall

The myriad minded man left behind him

A heritage time can’t consume


A socialist monk!

Religion for him was realization

God made no sense him if he can’t give bread

Said the ardent Vedantist

“From dreams awake, from bonds be free,

Be not afraid, This mystery

My shadow, cannot frighten me

Know once for all that I am He”


A spiritual optimist !

With will and intelligence he undertook a conscious journey

To discover the self

India has not yet spoken her last word, he believed

”We must return and seek

The sources of life and strength within ourselves…”


An ocean of compassion !

Defiant and orthodox

A revolutionary and a social reformer

Gotten "The genius and wisdom of an ancient sage

The energy of an Englishman

And the heart of a Bengali mother"


A nationalist with a tender heart !

Essentially a free man

Not for him were 'heaven-born’ Indian services

Destined for “Qadam qadam badhaye ja

Khushi kē geet gaye ja

Yeh zindagi hai qaum ki

Tu qaum pe lutaye ja.”


‘Manik’ of the World Cinema !

His images, a collage of human spirit

His cinema, a reflection

On the chronicle of social change

Elites awakening to rationalists ideas

Liberation of woman

Anguish of the unemployed

The inexorable death of the conscience

Reassertion of basic values