When in love

Love is not a chance. It requires knowledge and efforts

Love is not a hobby. It requires discipline and patience

If there is no frustration, there is no love

Love is the outcome of unexpected excitements

When in love, even small problems look big

Love a complete stranger

Thrill of the unknown may give a feeling of love

Love and hate may happen, at the first sight

No one loves to hate, or hates to love

But love can turn into hate, and hate into love

One worries because one loves

Too much love often becomes worrisome

Those in love, have biased minds

Love gives a new meaning to meetings

As well as partings

A lover can hear the heartbeat of even a lightweight bird

Love is art

When in love one begins to see connections

In seemingly disconnected things

When in love, don’t blame the gravity for falling in love

When in love, one can’t be a spectator

Unromantic often writes the most romantic letters

Love works best in illusive minds

And the imaginary friend is

The best person to share illusions with