In the idyllic surroundings of Morrisville

We are on a journey, on the other side of the ocean

On our way, we got in plenty, special care every age needs

Crossing several oceans and time zones

Finally, we reached a nation of several time zones

Here we met our dream people

There was so much warmth in their embrace

There were tears too, filled with indescribable emotions

The emotions that needed no explanation

The jet lag could not threaten us

There were drizzles outside

There was silence, the silence filled with love and gratitude

We watched the raindrops, falling silently on a lush green turf

And we enjoyed the silence of the ears

We are here to smell the roses, and

Drown ourselves in the ocean of love

Time is moving at its own pace

There is no expectation, time is doing its designated role, Often, it feels neglected

Mind is learning nothing new, and I am not feeling guilty

I reckon, all rests are not wastes

Wasted time, often, is the best time

Wakeful rest is not idleness

I call it ‘constructive Idleness’

We are filling our time with beautiful hours

And as we know, mind works best in the shower

Lying awake in the bed often is the best time

“It is in our idleness submerged truth

Sometimes comes to the top”