Heart of a teacher

More than the mind, it is the heart

That makes a teacher

A mere intellectual is not a teacher

She is the deliverer of the facts

A mere emotional is not a teacher

She is a narcissist

A mere spiritual is not a teacher

She is not anchored to the real world

A combination of the three is a teacher

She is not a narcissist, delivers facts, and has mooring to reality

A blend of identity and integrity, she knows that no one knows all

She knows that shadows and limits are as much a part

As strengths and potentials are

She is aware of her pupil’s inner abilities

She knows where their ability to see the big picture lies

She knows the difference between drawing and tracing

When one draws, she knows, one encounters discontinuities

Discontinuities disappear when one traces

Still she teaches to draw

She shows the ways to live with discontinuities

She is a friend; she gives a feeling of trust

She turns a mirror into a window

Her inner self gives her the authority to teach

She feels proud that she is a teacher

Her most joyous moments are when she is in the class room

And, along with her students, she is exploring the uncharted territories