A beautiful mind

All minds are beautiful

But some minds are more beautiful

These minds are ahead of time

They have inspired mankind through the ages

They gel well, with other minds, in spite of the differences

After attaining a certain level, differences do not remain differences

"There is a point where contradictions co-exist

Where movement is not at all movement

And stillness is not at all stillness

Where the idea and the form

The within and the without are united

Where infinite becomes finite

Yet not losing its infinity”

Only the mind that can say, “Where the mind is without fear …”, can say this

Compatibility between different minds is possible

If the minds are well-meaning, and can see

Integrity and conviction in each other

Only a beautiful mind can notice the subtle differences

Hawks see only hostility, Doves look for amity

Beautiful minds are not afraid of solitude

In solitude, they can hear the ‘silence of infinitely open spaces’

In solitude, they can be completely themselves, entirely alone

In solitude, they can stand back and observe life dispassionately

A beautiful mind is not afraid to stand alone

He can be independent even in a crowd

A beautiful mind can balance the accidental pendulum of life

Simply and beautifully

A beautiful mind understands, more than system awareness

Important is self- awareness