Return of a prodigy

Like the return of the prodigal son

I was told of the return of a prodigy

I used to have in my hey days

It must have been an auspicious day

The day I became the owner; I literally owned it

That was an impromptu decision

I had some cash, I hardly knew driving

I went to SDA market with my friend

And I owned it

That night I could not sleep

I was driving the whole night

More than the thrill of acquisition

It was thrill of speed

Now no one can overtake me

It had so much space, it carried the whole family

Without ever feeling overburdened

Often, somewhere in the middle of the road

She would suddenly stop, not because of her fault

But because of insufficient food

Often, I forgot to buy her food

Often, I could not buy her food

In those moments, instead of dragging me, I would drag her

Once she would get her required ATP

She would be ready to take me to conquer the world

No one can dare to beat me

I remember her loud sound, without mufflers

I can feel the thrill to conquer, the magic moments

The thrill of conquer is so deafening

Only the winner can hear

One day my rendezvous with her ended

I left her, for the sake of better things

It was a sad day

That day she was not empty stomach

I still remember the last kick

I am happy that the prodigal son is returning

With lion’s roar, to conquer many hearts once again