Swing, moves forward and backward

Goes up and comes down

Comes from one end and goes to the other end

We don’t want to remain stationary

We tighten the grip when we go up

We enjoy the thrill of going up

We are relaxed when we come down

But we don’t want to come down

We like to maintain the rhythm

We like to swing with the stream

We like what keep us afloat

We like to swing high

We don't mind using big ropes

We are in search of our limits

I am swinging the whole life

I can’t dance, but I want to swing

I can’t think, but my mind wants to swing

I can’t hit below the belt, but I want to hit the ball

I have often lost rhythm

I have often fallen off the swing

I have often been pushed off the swing

Still I want to swing, like a pendulum, in a clock

To maintain synchronicity with other clocks