When they say the world has changed

I ask myself, did I change

Then I ask, in what way

Then I say, I am not sure

I go a little further, and say

I am open-minded but rarely did I entertain other’s ideas

I still make mistakes and haven’t learnt from my mistakes

I have still not overcome the fear of the unknown

Several of my neurons in my neural network have perished

Several new have taken birth

I am knowing the known with an updated mind

I haven't changed

Perhaps, what has changed is the way I am thinking

God existed before, as it is now, in my mind

I argue to counter arguments, perhaps more logically

I offer reasons, but follow intuition, to take a decision

What I accepted, now I question

Rabindranath did not make much sense to me, now it makes

Though Rabindranath has remained the same

I have begun to think differently but I am not fundamentally different

I have not changed

Fundamentally, the world has not changed

Change requires evolution

Evolution takes billions of years

To bring fundamental changes

I have not evolved fundamentally

In the time frame I have

And as they say, everything has changed

Yet nothing has changed