River of life

River, a moving landscape, has no fixity

It moves from one place to the other

To take the shape of the place where it flows

Rivulets become a river, to merge into the sea

When a river is submerged into the sea

It becomes a part of the humanity, like the blood and tears are

“Time is a sort of river of passing events”

Life is like a river, think of a river when you are drawing the map of life

River is nature, as forests and mountains are

But river is not forest or mountain

It flows, it has no ups and downs, it is not dense or sparse

It is deep or shallow

River needs life, as life needs river

Mars had rivers, billions of years ago

Mars has no life now, as it couldn’t sustain rivers

We don’t ride a mountain of life, or, roam in the forest of life

We cross the river of life