There is nothing like a mother's lap

There is nothing more sacred

Than a mother’s womb

It is where the life begins

And a woman becomes a mother

It is the most inviting space

In this space goes on conversations

At multiple levels

Physiological, emotional, cognitive, and social

It is where goes on the exchange of

Facial expressions and eye movements

There is kissing, the cooing, the cuddling

There is exchange of body language

There are occasional conflicts

The conflicts both want to resolve themselves

They don’t like the intrusion of any kind in the space

They have created for themselves

A time comes when the child doesn’t need

A mother’s safety net, but knows that

To fulfill emotional requirement

There is no better place than a mother’s lap

Mother’s love for her child is self-love

Mother does many things for her child

She wouldn’t do even for herself

There is nothing like mother’s milk

This watery thing is mother’s pride

“A pair of substantial mammary glands has

The advantage over the two hemispheres

OI the most learned professor’s brain

In the art of compounding

A nutritious fluid for infants.”

There is nothing like a mother’s lap