Lost in a maze

Once, I recall, you got lost in a maze of pipelines

That was some years ago, you were assigned

To develop a pilot plant, first of its kind

After the initial blueprint began project detailing

Equipment, pumps, valves were laid, one by one

Then came the turn of pipelines

To connect one with the other

Finally the big rig was ready; a jumble of everything

Equipment got lost in the melee of things

Maze of pipelines got big mileage

I wondered, after the installation over

Was there a need to connect everything with everything else

As the returns was not as big as was the investment

After many years, you looked back, and felt

You got lost in the maze of pipelines

And then a thought emerged

Were you not lost in the maze of pipelines

Many things would have remained submerged

In the deep ocean of thoughts

You would agree, it was good that

You left open the door of the unknown

The door took you to the places, hitherto, unknown

The dark space that was, was no longer dark

You would agree, uncertainty is not an obstacle

Beyond the boundary, in the territory of the unknown

There lies unforeseen the mystery of knowing the unknown

Unless lost you can’t find the way

Once lost fear of the unknown fades away

Once lost one can find one’s way

Things, often, appear out of the dark

What appears, often, disappears

Often things get lost for ever

For one to rediscover

One would forever get lost

As one’s world would always be smaller

Than the contents the world contains

There will always be things for you, you have never seen