For Ma, on her birthday

No nothing has faded, nothing has fogged out

I can see the panorama; I can see the landscape

I can tell anything worthy of mention

All snapshots are intact, filled with beautiful imagery

I can see how I grew, how I got to school

How I acquired a friend

Who remained with me, always a friend

We prepared together to live and love

We watched together Anuradha and Apur Sansar

Often we travelled together, in our imagined world

I was so ordinary, but he never saw my ordinariness

He saw the potential in me to become a good teacher

I came equipped with a slate, with something written in it

That stayed with me and along the way

I have added a few lines here and there

With little talent I played the part of a little girl

I walked through a straight line, with few sine curves, in between

No major successes, no major failures

This is the story of a little girl who never wanted to grow ‘tall’

It never occurred to me that one day I would come to this age

Thank you all, for keeping me younger, than what I thought I am.