We are on a journey

On the other side of the ocean

On our way we met love, love, and love

We got in plenty the special care age needs

Crossing several oceans and time zones

We reached a nation of several time zones

To meet our dream people

There was so much warmth

Tears too, filled with indescribable emotions

Emotions that need no explanation

And we drowned ourselves in the ocean of love

We are here to smell the roses

There was drizzle

There was silence

Silence filled with love and gratitude

We watched raindrops

Falling on a green turf

And we enjoyed the silence of the ears


Time moved at its own pace

With no expectation

When felt neglected

We filled the time

With beautiful hours

Mind was not idle

Yet, doing nothing new

It wandered, often engaged in day dreams

Not much introspection

Yet I was not feeling guilty

It worked best in the shower

All rests are not wastes

Idle are not wakeful rests

Wasted time often is the best time

Lying awake can be constructive idleness

“It is in our idleness

Submerged truth

Sometimes comes to the top.”