Some have privileged existence;

Some inherit it, some create it.

Some are called lucky,

As they can create their own luck;

They consciously and methodically

Follow the paths of ‘luck’.

They are ambitious;

They accept failures, intelligently

Not necessarily graciously.

Sharp and witty,

They make fun of others.

They are brash and gentle,

As the situation demands.

They are endowed with

The charms of verbal fluency.

Being natural attractors,

They can envision success, and

Challenge conventions.

Neither original, nor simple,

They can project themselves as

Original and simple.

They are popular,

In spite of their audacious behaviour.

They doesn’t like criticism.

Naturally provocative,

They are naturally bold.

Passionate exuberance is their forte;

Emotion their commodity.

They can touch people’s sensibilities.

They know to make people feel important.

As one magician says,

“The trick itself is never important;

It’s having a presentational hook.”

Let 'presentational hook'

Not overshadow

Substance in the man.