A socialist monk

An ardent Vedantist

Religion for him was realization

God made no sense if he can’t give bread

A Hindu who believed purity is our real nature

Firm believer of faith in the self

Elevated social service to the level of divinity

“From dreams awake, from bonds be free,

Be not afraid, This mystery

My shadow, cannot frighten me

Know once for all that I am He”

The spiritual optimist undertook

Conscious journey

In the path of self-discovery

For him the key to Indian mind lies in spirituality

Believed he, India has not yet spoken her last word

It has much to offer

To the self, to others as well

Said the Sadchinanand

“”We must return and seek

The sources of life and strength

Within ourselves…”

A revolutionary educationist

Defiant, orthodox, yet not pious of the usual kind

An ocean of learning, compassion and generosity

A social reformer

Strived to change sick social customs:

widow remarriage, abolition of child-marriage

Born with "The genius and wisdom of an ancient sage

The energy of an Englishman

And the heart of a Bengali mother"