An Indian pilgrim

Known for escapades and emergences

Bhagvat Gita his constant companion

A muscular nationalist with a tender heart

Essentially a free man

Not for him were 'heaven-born’ civil services

An unforgettable hero

“Qadam qadam badhaye ja

Khushi kē geet gaye ja

Yeh zindagi hai qaum ki

Tu qaum pe lutaye ja”

Jai Hind

His images, a collage of human spirit

His cinema, a reflection on the chronicle of social change

Elites awakening to rationalists ideas

Liberation of woman

Anguish of the unemployed

Inexorable death of conscience

Reassertion of basic values

Diversity in his films

Reflect his personality

Maker of Apu trilogy

No one can portray

Joys and simplicity so naturally

Like the ‘Manik’ of World Cinema

Who the tenth man is

Is he the proverbial tenth man

Who never existed