Poetry is self-expression and is one of the ways to communicate feelings. Poetry is more than “a pleasant and amusing diversion.” It is a form of fine art, and in any art form is hidden some kind of beauty. Bliss Carman (1861–1929) said, “It is the distinguishing mark of the fine arts that they give us a means of expressing ourselves in terms of intelligible beauty.”

Poetry has breath of life. It tries to find the truth, and at the same time tries to make the truth pleasant. It serves our aesthetic and spiritual needs. It touches upon the past and tries to present the present convincingly. A poet tries to say what he has to, but at times, right word eludes the poet. A poet often doesn’t like his thoughts edited. He doesn’t want to spoil the beauty of his creation by making it more beautiful. “If we live much under the influence of good art, ugliness becomes impossible.”

As an observer of events, I have tried to transform few of my emotions into an assembly of words. This book is about knowing the known.