Silent expectation from silence

Often, I talk too much. Often, I talk not all. Often, my talks are one-sided. Often, I don’t speak, but I understand the other betterr. Often, we talk but we don’t understand each other. Often, I like to free myself from 'servile bondage to the world'. Often, silence speaks to me. In the moments of silence I feel elated, I feel overwhelmed. Often, I feel I have so much to say and I have so little time. Often, there is ‘dumb silence’. Often, there is 'baffled silence'. I love silences that appears from nowhere and goes to nowhere.

Silence is a space where I can be with myself. I can see in me what I have missed to see in me. It is a space that is voluntary, informal and personal. It is a space I can walk with myself. Often, I go out of bounds when I am in this space. Often, I take myself for granted in this space.

There is nothing more companionable than silence. Make friends with silence. Never dissolve silence forcibly and abruptly. Silence can be paradoxical; one expects nothing out of it, and also expects everything out of it. We want silence for our selfish purposes. We want it to understand us little more. This is not a small expectation. In a loud world silence can be a resource. There will be time when people will pay for the experience of silence.