All imperfections have some remedy

I often think that my writings deserve better attention than they normally get. Is my mind close-minded?

Some people think they are experts in their chosen area. They think their expertise deserves more attention than it is getting. They think society needs their expertise much more than they are apparently giving. They float their own conspiracy theories. And every theory finds few takers. Even strangest things get accepted. This boosts conspiracy theorist’s belief. “The gullible rarely believe they are gullible and the closed-minded don't believe they are closed-minded,” writes Quassim Cassam.

Conspiracy theorists often don't realise they are spreading rumours with some specific purpose. Self-ignorance is one of the incurable 'intellectual vices' of human-beings. Intellectual virtues reflect effective and responsible enquiries. Intellectual vices impede effective and responsible inquiry. Imperfections in our capacities to process information and draw conclusions have purely cognitive origins. The dismissive reaction manifests a range of vices, including closed-mindedness and prejudice. It is hard to convince conspiracy theorists that their theory is wrong. They have the tendency of accusing you of the same intellectual vices that you detect in them. If you say, they are close minded, they will say they are not, you are close minded. It is not only their fault. We all are, in fact, 'immune to self-ignorance'.

What better explains our behaviour in a given situation – our situational factors or our character traits? Different people react to different situations differently. Intellectual conduct works in conjunction with lot of other things. A close-minded dismisses claims about things for which there is evidence. The biggest problem with genuinely close-minded is that he is closed to the idea that he is close-minded. “Closed-mindedness is one of the toughest intellectual vices to tackle because it is in its nature to be concealed from those who have it.” The problem with intellectually vice is that they don't think their motives are bad.

We are a mix of intellectual virtues and vices. Only way to deal with our intellectual vices is to balance it with our intellectual virtues. Close-mindedness can be cured only by open-mindedness.

My writings will get attention they deserve once they become better. All imperfections have some remedy.