We are at Morrisville, North Carolina on a short vacation. We are with our daughter and son-in law. I have no work, yet I am busy. My mind works best in the shower. In the shower I tell myself so many wonderful things that is only possible when my mind is free. It tells me the dangers of becoming too transparent. It tells me that incompetent are often most busy. I often say to myself, I am not that stupid, and then I ask myself, Am I sure? Often, after meeting some people, I feel humility is a form of successfully disguised arrogance. When I eat too much and I am advised to control my food intake, I feel it is easier to fast than diet. When I get the opportunity of meeting some beautiful people I get the feeling, as if, beautiful people don’t use make up. Often I find walking straight is too hard and unbribable are too expensive. Sitting in the country, known for charity, it occurred to me that charity is done for self-glory and anti-campaigns often brighten prospects. I realised that all fools are not stupid. I am amazed seeing the lung power of whistle blowers. It was a great realization that we are, after all, not that dishonest. I feel happy when I get bored, because man is the only animal that gets bored. A few other great realization are: not everything is a matter of life and death; selfless act, devoid of emotions, is not possible; more close-knit the group, less incentive there is to stir the water; powerful think they only have the right to be wrong; good listening can be polished indifference; some people are funny only when they try to be serious; a workaholic is not necessarily a valued employee; working from home is not necessarily idle worshipping; harder you try to play, more captive you become; we help those who need the least; faking love is easy, faking hate is not; a bitter enemy becomes jealous the moment he comes to know that you hate someone more than him; broken window encourages vandalism; listen to the sea, fish will taste better;tThe best revenge on a liar is to convince him that you believe what he said; you know you have arrived when people start noticing your absence more than the presence of others. In some places I observed, cleanliness is more important than dirtying the hand. Education makes the wise slightly wiser, but it makes the fool vastly more dangerous. Those who have nothing to prove never say that they have nothing to prove. You will be fully civilized the day you will spend doing nothing, learning nothing, improving nothing without feeling any amount of guilt. Only zombies are free.