I was looking for Yadav Ji

Reached the city, asked the passer-by

Never heard of him, said the passer-by

The next man responded somewhat positively

What he does, he asked

I said, besides doing man things, he teaches

Are you sure you want to meet Yadav Ji, asked the man

Why then should I ask you, said I

There was no need for you to come thus far

You could have found him within you, said the man

If he lives within me, why couldn’t I find him, said I

You haven't tried to see him in you, said the passer-by

You know so much about the man I am looking for

Who are you, I asked the man curiously

Guess who I am

Weren't you looking for Yadav Ji, said the man, and then disappeared

I am still looking for Yadav Ji.