Happy Teachers Day!

How unprepared I was when I began teaching! I do not claim to be a great teacher but I got the opportunity to interact with the brightest minds. I have received more from my students than I could give them. I have known that the learning curve is infinite. I have understood that the knowledge of `what is' is necessary, but more important is to understand `what it should be.' ‘Extended’ education has broadened my vision. I have learnt that aesthetic development of the senses is as important as the intellectual. I have understood that classroom is not a room full of strangers. I have known that teacher's obligations to his student extend well beyond the classroom and formal schooling.

In keeping with the spirit of the time I am happy that my students are now my guides. It gives me great satisfaction that I am a teacher. I feel good when I explore uncharted territories with my students. I feel good that my students are now my teachers.

One repays a teacher badly, if one remains only a pupil.