Black Swan Pandemic

Everyone has an opinion,

particularly when the matter concerns everyone.

Experts are raising alarm:

Is it ok if a nutritionist becomes an infection specialist?

One academic calls another

“charlatan exploiting a tenuous connection for self-promotion”.

The other argues, doesn’t everyone have the right to blow the horn?

Is it safe to leave the pandemic in the care of specialists?

Should others stay at home and watch TV?

These questions will be resolved at the academia by

celebrated scientists and humanists.

What about the ground zero where the real action is?

Aren’t antifragile approaches needed to resolve ‘Black Swan’ problems?

What does the author (Nassim Taleb) say:

“… some people claim that the pandemic is a “Black Swan”, hence something unexpected so not planning for it is excusable. Had they read that book (Black Swan), they would have known that such a global pandemic is explicitly presented there as a white swan: something that would eventually take place with great certainty. Such acute pandemic is unavoidable, the result of the structure of the modern world; and its economic consequences would be compounded because of the increased connectivity and overoptimization.”